To better gain the responses and impact of the relief efforts, VACAT have worked at national level with other Vietnamese American communities and locally within our community.  At the national level, VACAT partnered with other Texas communities and together we donated $6000 from the "Texas Disaster Relief Fund" toThe Vietnamese American Community of the USA. This joint Texas Disaster Relief Fund consisted of relief funds collected from five Vietnamese American communities in Texas: Cong Dong Dallas, Vietnamese Community of Houston and Vicinities - VNCH, Vietnamese American Community at Tarrant County and Vicinity, San Antonio, and Austin. Thank you Texas VAC Disater Relief org for your donation of $2000 and VACUSA for your donation of 400 face shields toward our local relief project. Locally VACAT COVID-19 Relief project (partnered with Austin Vietnamese American Medical Professional Society-AVAMPS ) has been able to provide 22,500 GLOVES, 56 gallons of HAND SANITIZER, 62 gallons of ALCOHOL, more than 7,000 MASKS to the medical community/essential workers in need.   We are beyond thankful to everyone’s continuous generosity, support and partnership in VACAT's COVID-19 project. 


Để giúp thêm trong công việc cứu trợ COVID-19, VACAT đã làm việc với những cộng đồng Việt Nam khác ngoài Austin.  VACAT đã cùng ủy ban cứu trợ texas (gồm có cộng đồng ngừơi Việt của Dallas, Tarrant County, San Antonio, Austin, Houston) ủng hộ số tiền $6000 cho Covid-19 Relief Fund do Cộng Đồng Người Việt Quốc Gia Hoa Kỳ (CĐNVQG HK) vận động. Xin thành thật cám ơn "ủy ban cứu trợ texas" đã ủng hộ cho VACAT $2000 và CĐNVQG HK đã ủng hộ cho VACAT 400 face shields. Nhóm VACAT Covid-19 Relief (cộng tác với AVAMPS) đã phân phát hơn 22,500 BAO TAY, 56 gallons of HAND SANITIZER, gần 100 gallons ALCOHOL, hơn 7,000 KHẨU TRANG đến những bệnh viện và các cơ sở y tế. VACAT vô cùng biết ơn sự hy sinh và lòng hảo tâm của mọi người.

Thursday May 21, starting @11 am.
This community mask giveaway (4000 masks) and all our other PPE/masks distributions, were funded and made possible by our COVID-19 Relief Project - donated by the communities and lead by a joint effort from VACAT & AVAMPs.
We are all tremendously grateful and humbled for the overwhelming support from the community. We asked and you responded. From donations of the time/talent of sewing masks to charitable supplies and financial donations, your generosity has helped make a difference during these times. Coordinating the process of sourcing, making and distributing of PPE/masks is not an easy task even in normal circumstances - and social distancing made it even more difficult - but we did it. Thank you our donors, supporters, volunteers, #FrontlineHeroes, the entire team and everyone involved in this heroic effort in caring for our community. You have gone above and beyond for us. THANK YOU!
First, we made 27,000 masks for the general public and healthcare professionals during the critical stage of the pandemic from March-April. Then thousand and hundred of hand sanitizers distributed to the Vietnamese groups. Now is the time to say thanks to our sponsors and supporters of #vacatstrong These bags of masks come with our appreciation and caring as your to us for many years. Join our team to make an impact for the community. Building the community to have strong voice, presence, and support system. Call or text 5129605739 if you’re interested in serving and gain valuable experience as community Leaders.
Don’t forget visit our page to see the list of these wonderful businesses who’s supporting the vision of a strong foundation of the Vietnamese Community in Austin Texas.
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