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TET 2019 COMING FEBRUARY 2-3, 2019

 Tet Festival Austin 2019

The mission of the Vietnamese American Community of Austin, Texas (VACAT) is to strengthen the greater Austin community by providing advocacy, social services, and programming that is culturally appropriate to the Vietnamese community.  The organization shall support and facilitate cultural preservation, innovation, and creation..   


Call us at 512-481-2548

Email us at info@vacat.org

PO Box 82103, Austin TX 78708

Community News

BỮA CƠM TÌNH THƯƠNG iLazaro Fundraising Event

Sunday November 4th, 2018 |  6pm - 12am

By iLazaro Charity




Austin Mid-Autumn Festival 2018

Saturday September 22th, 2018 | 7:30 pm

By Chùa Linh-Sơn và GĐPT Linh-Sơn Austin




Austin Mid-Autumn Festival 2018

Saturday September 8th, 2018 | 4 - 9 pm

By VACAT and Truc Viet


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Austin Vietnamese Language Meetup

By Truc Viet


Truc Viet's first Meetup on 6/6/18.

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Kids Summer 2018 VSL program

Trip dates: Sundays 6/10, 6/24, 7/15, 7/29, 8/5, 8/19

By Truc Viet


Join Truc Viet for a fun, educational summer program for your kids.

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