We are the Vietnamese American Community of Austin Texas. Our mission is  to strengthen the greater Austin community by providing advocacy, social services, and programming that is culturally appropriate to the Vietnamese and Austin community. Our organization supports and facilitate cultural preservation, innovation, and creation.


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The Vietnamese American Community of Austin Texas (VACAT) extends our deepest gratitude to our incredible sponsors and community partners!  Thanks to your generous support, we've been able to make a real difference in the lives of Vietnamese Americans in Austin.

Your contributions allow us to advocate for the community, host cultural events such as our Vietnamese American Cultural Celebration Festival, Tet & Tet Trung Thu Festival, Black April, Health Fairs, monthly events for seniors, accessible yoga programs, summer homeless care kits, winter clothing drives, digital skill workshops, Vietnamese language workshops and scholarships.

Because of you, we can continue to preserve our heritage, empower future generations, and uplift those in need!

We are a stronger community because of your partnership. Together, we can continue to celebrate our vibrant culture and create a brighter future for all!

Thank You for with us at our 2024 Vietnamese Cultural Celebration Festival! 

We are deeply grateful to everyone who came out to our Vietnamese Cultural Celebration Festival! After getting the bill passed last year to make Vietnamese American Day official on May 17, we had to make this celebration unforgettable. We enjoyed lots of live performances from local Vietnamese singers and dancers, an elegant Ao Dai fashion show and contest that showcased the beauty and tradition of Vietnamese attire, including a fascinating display of Ao Dai fashion history throughout the years. Attendees had fun testing their knowledge with trivia games and winning exciting prizes and raffles, and the traditional Vietnamese game Bau Cua brought excitement and friendly competition to the celebration. Everyone had a blast singing their hearts out at the karaoke session, and the Banh Mi Eating Contest was a fun and delicious highlight that drew many enthusiastic participants. Our local vendors offered a wonderful variety of food and traditional Vietnamese clothing, adding to our festive atmosphere. This event was entirely free to attend, making it a perfect opportunity for families and individuals of all ages to experience the vibrant culture of Vietnam. Thank you once again for your incredible support and participation. Together, we made this celebration a resounding success!

Celebrate Vietnamese Culture with VACAT!

Join the Vietnamese American Community of Austin Texas (VACAT) for a vibrant cultural celebration on May 18th, 2024 from 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM! This free event, held at 9400 Neenah Ave, Austin, TX 78717, is a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich traditions and heritage of Vietnam.


Festive Fun for All Ages:

  • Free Li Xi & Lanterns: Embrace a Vietnamese New Year tradition with free Li Xi (lucky money envelopes) and lanterns, setting the stage for a prosperous and joyful celebration.
  • Big Raffle Prizes: Test your luck and enter for a chance to win exciting raffle prizes. (Click here to view/buy raffle tickets)
  • Non-Stop Entertainment: Immerse yourself in the lively spirit of Vietnamese culture with captivating performances by local Vietnamese artists.
  • Culinary Delights: Savor the delicious flavors of Vietnam as you explore a variety of food vendors offering authentic Vietnamese cuisine.
  • Lively Games: Take part in traditional and fun games such as our Banh Mi Eating Contest, Bau Cua, Karoke, Trivia and more1 
  • Thrilling Lion Dance: Witness the awe-inspiring power and grace of a traditional Lion Dance performance, a cultural highlight not to be missed.
  • Cultural Performances: Delve deeper into Vietnamese heritage with captivating cultural performances that showcase the beauty and artistry of Vietnamese traditions.
  • Kid's Fashion Show & Lantern Parade: Witness the next generation embrace their heritage in a delightful Kid's Fashion Show, followed by a mesmerizing Lantern Parade that will illuminate the night.

Free Admission & Family-Friendly:

This event is entirely free to attend, making it a perfect opportunity for families and individuals of all ages to experience the vibrant culture of Vietnam.

Don't miss this exciting celebration of Vietnamese culture!


VACAT hosted our annual Black April  honoring the 49th anniversary of the Fall of Saigon. 

VACAT paid respect and appreciation to those who served in the South Vietnam war prior to 1975. Thank you to community for coming out to support our veterens and celebrate with our speakers, singers, and ceremony! 

Join VACAT in supporting The Charlie Center  and the Sunrise Homeless Navigation Center  in making a difference this summer!


We're assembling Summer Care Kits for the homeless and need your help with donations.

Please donate Backpacks, Cooling Towels, Fans, Water Bottles with Filters, Hats, Chapsticks, and School Supplies. Together, we can bring comfort and care to those in need. Thank you for your generosity!


The Charlie Center is a non-profit community center serving individuals experiencing homelessness easily access healthcare services and housing near Cedar Park and Austin, Texas.


Sunrise Homeless Navigation Center is the largest provider of homeless services in Travis County. They provide pathways to housing for people experiencing homelessness through low-barrier access to wraparound services by providing innovative, trauma-informed, and person-centered programming that engages our communities and leads system-wide transformation.

VACAT Monthly Senior Events - June 2024

 VACAT is thrilled to celebrate a significant milestone: our monthly Seniors Day program has achieved eighteen months of resounding success! Since its inception in January 2023, this program has been dedicated to serving our community, with a focus on our esteemed elders.

Our primary objective is to enrich our culture and heritage while fostering social connections, promoting health awareness, and encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

At VACAT, we are committed to making a positive impact one program at a time. We offer free services, activities, workshops, transportation, and translation services. This month, we are focusing on mental health and heart health awareness. We will also have a social hour with tea and snacks, plus free haircuts. Come join the community on July 13!

VACAT is proud to announce our very first youth competition aimed at giving teams of 2 or more students the opportunity to win up to $1500 in scholarship prize money. This is open to to kids ages 12 and up, and is limited to students in middle school, high school, and under/post grad college students. To compete, each team must showcase something cool they have built or perform a live act. Each participating team must register using the following link no later than August 30,2023. The competition will take place at our Mid-Autumn festival at the end of September. The top 3 teams will receive $1500, $1000 and $500 respectively. As a bonus we will ask the top winning team to present / perform again at our 2024 Tet festival. We would like to give a huge thanks to Lien Phat Income Tax for sponsoring this program.


Click here to apply!


Deadline to apply for a preliminary selection is August 30, 2023. 


As an integral part of the Vietnamese American community in Austin, Texas, VACAT is thrilled to join forces with local businesses and organizations to bring forth a remarkable scholarship program.


Our primary goal is to foster a deep sense of belonging and encourage students to actively engage with our vibrant community. We firmly believe that by supporting their academic and personal development, we can unlock the full potential of these remarkable individuals.


Through our scholarships, we aim to empower deserving students to pursue their educational aspirations, enabling them to thrive academically and beyond. By collaborating with local businesses, we also strive to strengthen the fabric of our community and showcase the remarkable talents of our students.


At VACAT, we are dedicated to nurturing the growth and well-being of our youth, as we firmly believe they are the future leaders who will shape our community. Through our personalized scholarships, we hope to instill a sense of pride, support, and motivation within each student, as they embark on their educational journey.


Together, let us create a brighter future, where academic success intertwines with community engagement, and where our students can achieve remarkable heights, all while celebrating their Vietnamese American heritage.



Thank You for Celebrating our Annual Mid-Autumn Festival/ Tet Trung Thu with Us!


We are immensely grateful to everyone who joined us for our Mid-Autumn event. The celebration was filled with wonderful moments and cultural richness. Attendees got to experience  the traditional spirit of Mid-Autumn with beautiful complimentary lanterns!

Attendees indulged in authentic Vietnamese dishes, from savory banh mi to egg rolls and honeycomb cake. The entertainment captivated everyone with live performances showcasing Vietnam's dynamic cultural heritage, including traditional music, mesmerizing dance routines, and engaging activities for all ages.Our curated marketplace featured the finest Vietnamese-owned businesses, offering unique products, traditional clothing and one-of-a-kind finds. Many enjoyed experiencing traditional Vietnamese dress or purchasing their own.


This event was a perfect blend of culture, community, and celebration. Thank you once again for your incredible support and participation. Together, we made this Mid-Autumn Festival an unforgettable experience and we will see you next year!


Join us for a mesmerizing journey into the heart of Vietnamese culture at our Vacat Mid-Autumn Festival!


Immerse yourself in a celebration filled with vibrant lanterns, delectable Vietnamese cuisine, captivating entertainment, and a showcase of exquisite Vietnamese fashion and products from local, Vietnamese-owned businesses.


Free Lanterns: Embrace the traditional spirit of Mid-Autumn as we offer complimentary lanterns to illuminate the night sky. Create a magical atmosphere of togetherness and make lasting memories with your loved ones.


Vietnamese Delights: Indulge your taste buds with an array of authentic Vietnamese dishes that will transport you straight to the bustling streets of Vietnam. From savory banh mi to mouthwatering egg rolls and honeycomb cake, experience the culinary richness of Vietnam's diverse cuisine.


Entertainment Extravaganza: Be captivated by live performances that showcase the dynamic cultural heritage of Vietnam. Enjoy traditional music, mesmerizing dance routines, and engaging activities for all ages.


Vietnamese Fashion and Local Treasures: Immerse yourself in the world of Vietnamese fashion and craftsmanship. Explore a curated marketplace featuring the finest Vietnamese-owned businesses, offering unique products and one-of-a-kind finds. Walk around and experience traditional Vietnamese dress or buy your own!



Date: September 24, 2023

Time: 3-7 pm

Location: The Holy Family Catholic School

Join us as we honor the Mid-Autumn Festival in style, fostering cultural connections, culinary delights, and a showcase of Vietnamese creativity and entrepreneurship. Don't miss out on this extraordinary experience. See you at the Vacat Mid-Autumn Festival!


MAY 17th is officially Vietnamese American Day in Texas! 

May 17, 2023 will forever be etched in our hearts as a truly momentous day for Vietnamese Texans! With great joy and pride, we announce that the Texas State Capitol has officially designated May 17 as Vietnamese American Day, a remarkable achievement made possible through the unwavering dedication of House Representative Hubert Vo.

This historic milestone stands as a testament to the collective efforts of the vibrant Vietnamese American communities in VACAT-The Vietnamese American Community of Austin Texas , Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio. Together, we have left an indelible mark on history, forging a path towards strong representation and well-deserved recognition within the Asian community.

We are immensely grateful to everyone who supported and contributed to this significant achievement. Your unwavering commitment has not only honored our Vietnamese heritage but has also paved the way for future generations to thrive and celebrate their cultural identity. This momentous recognition during AAPI month fills us with immense pride and renews our determination to uplift and empower our community.

Let us continue to stand united, amplifying our voices, preserving our rich cultural heritage, and striving for a brighter future where Vietnamese Americans flourish. Together, we celebrate this extraordinary milestone and the boundless possibilities that lie ahead.

Our Tet Festival Austin was a Success! 

Experience the excitement of VACAT's Tet Festival Austin with our photos and video recap! This year's event was a resounding success, with a fantastic turnout and incredible support from the Austin community. Join us as we celebrate the rich culture and traditions of Tet, and extend a big thank you to our dedicated volunteers, board members, and generous sponsors for making this unforgettable experience possible. Enjoy the festivities and relive the memories with our video recap. Find us on Facebook.com/vacatorg for more photos of the event!

VACAT’S  Monthly Seniors Day -First Saturday Every Month (6/10/23)

VACAT is thrilled to celebrate a significant milestone: our monthly seniors day program has achieved six months of resounding success! Since its inception in January, this program has been dedicated to serving our community, with a particular focus on our esteemed elders. Our primary objective is to enrich our culture and heritage while fostering social connections, promoting health awareness, and encouraging a healthy lifestyle. At VACAT, we are committed to making a positive impact one program at a time.

This month FREE services for everyone as below, no age restriction (unless specified)

  • 11:00AM - 12:00PM: ARTHRITIS







Để phục vụ những người lớn tuổi đồng thời đôi lúc cũng có dịch vụ cho nhu cầu chung cho mọi lứa tuổi như hôm nay.  Đây là một trong những kế hoạch cho mỗi tháng một lần, cộng đồng xin kêu gọi sự ủng hộ của quý vị trong thời gian tới.  Tất cả với mục tiêu lấy cương vị VACAT có được để gìn giữ và mở rộng những quyền lợi xã hội cho bà con và làm vững mạnh cộng đồng Việt Austin.  Dịch vụ miễn phí cho tất cả mọi người không phân biệt tuổi tác cho tháng này gồm có:



  • 1:00-02:00PM HỚT TÓC MIỄN PHÍ (65 TUỔI TRỞ LÊN)





Địa điểm và ngày giờ trong hình đính kèm, xin chia sẻ rộng rãi cho nhiều người biết đến và ủng hộ

CELEBRASIA May 13, 2023 - Celebrate with us!

Join VACAT in celebrating the 10th annual CelebrASIA festival at the Asian American Resource Center! This year, we are thrilled to present a captivating live performance and an immersive cultural room experience.


In our live performance on stage, our dedicated volunteers will enchant you with a mesmerizing traditional fan dance, adorned in exquisite Ao Dai Dresses that beautifully represent the four seasons. Prepare to be swept away by the grace and elegance of this timeless art form.


Second, step into our cultural room and embark on a journey through the rich tapestry of Vietnamese culture. Our cultural room showcases the diversity and beauty of Vietnamese heritage while learning about the significance of our traditions. Immerse yourself in our AR photo booths, where you can capture memorable moments while surrounded by vibrant displays of Vietnamese traditions or Try on traditional clothing and feel the allure of the Ao Dai, a symbol of elegance and refinement. Learn new phrases in Vietnamese or discover new dishes and the influences that different regions had on Vietnamese cusine! 



Don't miss this opportunity to celebrate Vietnamese culture with VACAT at CelebrASIA's milestone 10th annual festival. Join us for a truly immersive and unforgettable experience that will leave you with a deeper appreciation for the vibrant culture of Vietnam and its people!


Join us on January 29th from 1pm-5pm at 9400 Neenah Ave, Austin, TX 78717 for a celebration of Tet, the Vietnamese New Year!

Our Tet Festival will feature delicious Vietnamese food, cultural displays, and entertainment for all ages. Admission is free, and we'll also be giving out "li xi" gifts and hosting a kids fashion show.


Don't forget to purchase your presale raffle tickets at VACAT.ORG/RAFFLE for a chance to win amazing prizes!


We hope to see you there as we ring in the new year and celebrate Vietnamese culture.

What is Tết? How is celebrated?

Tet is the Vietnamese New Year, and it is the most important holiday in Vietnam. It is a time for families to come together and celebrate the beginning of the lunar new year.

There are many customs and traditions associated with Tet, such as decorating homes with flowers and other auspicious symbols, preparing special foods, and visiting relatives and friends. Many people also participate in ancestor worship and other religious rituals, and there are often parades and other public events held to mark the occasion.

One of the most distinctive features of Tet is the exchange of gifts, known as "li xi." It is traditional to give gifts of money, fruit, and other items to children, family members, and close friends.Overall, Tet is a time of great joy and celebration for the Vietnamese people, and it is a deeply ingrained part of the country's cultural identity.

Here is a look back on some of our previous Tet events!



1- 40 years old or older

2- 365 days since the last mammogram

3- No current breast cancer

4- No health insurance or insured with these carriers

***If you have insurance, please check with your policy

***FREE for those who has no health insurance

***Space is limited, please call Hue Nguyen to register now 512-743-7360***


Phụ nữ 40 tuổi trở lên chú ý>>>Ghi danh chụp quang tuyến vú để biết được và chữa trị ung thư vú kịp thời .

Điều kiện như sau:

1. 40 tuổi trở lên

2. Phải trên 365 ngảy kể từ lần cuối chụp quang tuyến vú.

3. Hiện tại không mắc chứng ung thư vú

4. Ưu tiên cho những ai không có bảo hiểm hoặc có những bảo hiểm từ các công ty như liệt kê dưới đây.

***Những ai có bảo hiểm xin vui lòng xem lại điều kiện về chụp quang tuyến vú mammogram.

***Hoàn toàn miễn phí cho những ai không có bảo hiểm.

**Vì chỗ có giới hạng, Gọi chị Huế Nguyễn để ghi tên ngay: 512-743-7360

Địa điểm ngày giờ chụp có trong hình

Calling all 2023 Volunteers!


Calling all volunteers! First, we want to thank those who faithfully volunteered in the past—you are the foundation of this event. Like previous years, we have a signup. Please sign-up with the link below, from which you can choose how to serve. Please confirm by January 10th .




Vendors add the “spice” to Tet! Please confirm your interest by January 4 th to guarantee a table for your goods. To do so, please contact: Lana Nguyen at 512-960-5739 or President@vacat.org



To our faithful sponsors, VACAT can only coordinate Tet due to your generous and visionary commitment to our community. The link below includes the different levels of sponsorship. Please confirm your support by January 10th . Thank you for your continued support all of these years! Or, as the Vietnamese say, cam on ban (“thank you”).



Questions? Please contact VACAT President, Lana Nguyen, at President@vacat.org or 512-960-5739.


Thank you City of Austin Cultural Arts Division, Lien Phat & Co Income Tax, Loan Factory, Austin Elite Realty, Pho Please , Teapioca Lounge, Full Tax Services, Minuteman Press of Pflugerville, Austin Asian Impact, Toyota of North Austin, Community Health Care Center and Amerigroup!

On behalf of the entire VACAT team, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for to our sponsors this holiday season. Their support has allowed us to continue our work and make a difference in the lives of those around us. We are truly blessed to have such wonderful sponsors, and we are grateful for the opportunity to work together and make a positive impact in the community!

Our Summer Tet event is this August 6th, 2022! 

Come experience culture, live entertainment, programing, games,free lanterns, Bollywood Dancing, Lion Dancing, local food trucks, VIP Guest Speakers, ao dai fashion show and so much more. See you there!

Our Accesible Yoga Program was a success! VACAT provided over 150 free yoga mats and 150 free classes to Black Swan Yoga + Online Vietnamese Yoga Classes. Thank you to everyone who showed up to learn yoga! 

VACAT FREE YOGA MAT DRIVE! See us 7/17/22 at the VACAT Office to pick up your free yoga mat and join us later this month for a free yoga class with Vietnamese Instructor! 

Thank you to Austin Public Health for our grant to help eliminate the barrier of entry to yoga for the Vietnamese community. We provided free yoga mats and resources as well as Vietnamese Lead Yoga Classes with English subtitles so that these classes could be taken anywhere, anytime. 

We also partnered with Black Swan Yoga to help give away over 100+ yoga classes to any of their five studios. 

Our Tet Summer Festival is back! August 6, 2022. Come join VACAT as we celebrate an event that combines both Vietnamese New Year and the Mid- Autumn Festival into this One Of A Kind event! 

HAPPY AAPI MONTH! Come celebrate with VACAT as we receive a Proclamation from the Mayor of Pflugerville

Watch the City Council livestream here as VACAT accepts a proclamation from the Mayor of Pflugerville. 

Embed Timestamp: Mayor's proclamation declaring May 2022 as Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month in the City of Pflugerville and VACAT acceptance

Pictured Left To Right: Victor Gonzales (Mayor of Pflugerville), Lana Nguyen (President), Nguyen Staton (Advisory Board Member), Anh Pham (Marketing Director) 

Congressmen Lloyd Doggett and the Austin American Statesmen recognized  VACAT's work in the Vietnamese Community

"To dispel some fears related to the vaccine, a local organization called Open Eyes Beyond Border worked with the senior association, along with multiple other organizations, in late March to hold a COVID-19 vaccine information session, where medical professionals from the Austin area answered questions in Vietnamese. 

Well-established groups within the local Vietnamese community, such as the Vietnamese American Community of Austin Texas, or VACAT, helped sponsor the information session. The event also got support from nonprofits that work outside the Vietnamese community. " - Austin American Statesmen 

To read the full article, click here.

44,000 Masks Donated to the Austin Community from VACAT

On February 12 2022, the Vietnamese American Community of Austin Texas came togethere and gave away 44,000 masks + hand sanitizer at NG's Cafe to the Austin Community. VACAT members and voulnteers through rain and shine and in this case... hail! 

Keeping Austin safe, one masks at a time! Thank you to VACAT's team, voulnteers, supports and partners as we have been able to make vital contributions to the community. 


Our Free Small Face Masks Giveaway is this upcoming February 12th, 2022. Thanks to Touch International and CommunityCare, VACAT will be giving away 44,000 small face masks and a limited supply of hand sanitizer at

NG's Cafe  13000 N Interstate Hwy 35 200 Bldg 12, Austin Texas 78753

Chúc Mừng Năm Mới! On Tet February 1st, 2022, VACAT received the honor of being recognized by the State of Texas for our organization's outstanding efforts to promote civic engagement and solidarity across all groups. Thank you to VACAT's team, supporters and partners we have been able to make vital contributions to the community. 


Dear VACAT Community Partners/Sponsors/Vendors,


We would like to update you that, amidst 5 months of planning anticipation, VACAT has decided to postpone—not cancel—our Lunar New Year (Tet) Festival. As you may know, the Austin Public Health Department presently classifies the city’s COVID status as Stage 5. Therefore, for the safety of the public and our volunteers, we think it is wise to postpone our special event until later in the Spring. We sincerely hope, pending how the next few months go, to simply reschedule Tet for March or April. Of course, postponing does not diminish our enthusiasm for this event, the event’s ability to be successful, or how much we value your continued support.


Some may wonder if holding Tet a few months later would still hold the same value. While it is atypical to postpone Tet, we are also living in atypical times, given COVID. And, much like our resilient Vietnamese history attests in both Vietnam and the United States, we have always found creative ways to preserve and promote our cultural traditions.


Please stay tuned for a forthcoming update from VACAT by the end of February or March, as it is still possible we might be able to hold this special event. We thank you for your continued support. 


VACAT Thanks our 2022 Sponsors for their generosity. Our next upcoming event is our In-Person Tet Festival on February 5th, 2022.

Thank you to Loan Factory, Lien Phat Pages, Amerigroup, Community Care, Austin Elite Realty, Full Tax Services, Pho Please, Emerson, Charles Maund Toyota, Pho Phong Lu’u, and the City of Austin Cultural Arts Division.


We will be hosting Tet this year on Saturday February 5th at The Holy Family Catholic School Pavilion. We will have cultural programing, celebrations, dragon dance, an ao dai fashion show, a live band, trivia and Vietnamese and carnival games, li -xi, raffles for a 60 inch TV, food vendors and so much more! We can’t wait to see you there!

21st Annual Vietnamese Community Health Fair 

The 21st Vietnamese Community Health Fair was a success thanks to all the wonderful volunteers,VACAT board, AVAMP (Austin Vietnamese American Medical Professional Society) officers, Austin Public Health med students of UT, and future med students among the volunteers.

The community health fair serviced over 300+ people with language translators in Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Burmease. The Health Fair provided Immunizations- Provided by Austin Public Health, Seasonal Flu vaccines, Moderna COVID vaccines, Pfizer COVID vaccines, Vision Screenings, Diabetic Blood screenings, Cholesterol Blood screenings, High Blood Pressure screenings, BMI screenings, Patient Support and Education by AVAMPS and VACAT volunteers, Nutritional Consult, MD Consult- Medical questions and medication reviews. 

   Our 2021 Annual Tết Trung Thu/ Mid-Autumn Festival was a sucess! Thank you everyone for coming out and creating new memories and traditions with us. 

After canceling all of our cultural events last year due to COVID-19, we were so happy to have come back and celebrated with a socially distanced outdoor event. This was opened to everyone in the greater Austin area to come celebrate and learn about Vietnamese culture. We celebrated Tet Trung Thu with live music and performances, vendors, fundraisers, and free balloons, light up lanterns and glowsticks. We appreciate everyone for coming out and staying masked. Special Thanks to our sponsors and partners.


Quý vị hoặc người thân của quý vị ai chưa chích ngừa Covy đợt 1 xin đăng ký ngay. Ngày giờ và địa điểm chích có trong hình và phần dưới đây. Phải gởi tin ghi danh gồm: họ tên, ngày tháng năm sinh, địa chỉ, và số điện thoại cho Lana Nguyễn 512.960.5739 hay cô Huế Nguyễn 512.743.7360. Ưu tiên cho những người lớn 50 tuổi trở lên nhưng hiện tại chúng tôi nhận cho những người nhỏ tuổi hơn. Thuốc cung cấp bởi Quận Williamson, sẽ chích tại văn phòng cộng đồng VACAT và có sự hợp tác của Hội Y Tế Người Mỹ gốc Việt Austin AVAMPS.
- Địa điểm: 13930 Immanuel Rd
#B Pflugerville, TX 78660
- Ngày giờ: Thứ Sáu ngày 16 tháng 4 lúc 10 giờ sáng đến 2 giờ chiều
Nếu quý vị cần phương tiện chở đi chích xin vui lòng kèm theo tin nhắn để chúng tôi có cơ hội thu x

    Tết Tân Sửu 2021


    Năm cũ đã qua năm mới sắp tới, chúng ta lại có cơ hội quay quần bên gia đình,người thân, và bạn bè để đón chào một năm mới! Rất tiếc năm nay thành phố không cho phép tổ chức Tết hoành tráng như năm rồi. Nhưng Cộng Đồng Người Việt Austin Texas xin tiếp tục giữ vững văn hoá và truyền thống của người Việt chúng ta qua Tết trên mạng internet. Xin kính mời bà con cô bác và anh chị em tham gia với chúng tôi mừng Tết nguyên đán năm Tân Sửu 2021 hay là năm con trâu vào ngày Chủ Nhật, ngày 21 tháng 2 năm 2021 lúc 06 giờ chiều tới 09 giờ đêm.
    Vì nạn Covy đang xảy ra, chúng ta chỉ có thể tham gia trên mạng theo dạng Facebook Live. Chương trình như dâng hương, chào cờ, múa lân, đốt pháo, và ca múa dạ vũ đểu nhờ sự đóng góp của cộng đồng bà con. Nếu quý vị muốn tham gia, xin gửi video và tài liệu cho chúng tôi tham khảo trước ngày 14 tháng 2. Gửi bằng cách tag cộng đồng Facebook https://facebook.com/vacatorg hoặc nhắn tin hay liên lạc chị Hương số điện thoại 512-905-9734.
    Những chương trình chúng tôi đang cần đóng góp:
    •Thời trang ngày tết
    •Món ăn ngày tết và ý nghĩa của chúng
    •Trang trí ngày tết
    •Phong tục gia đình ngày tết
    •Ca múa, nhạc hội, và những trò chơi phong tục ngày tết
    Chúng ta sẽ có cơ hội xem múa lân, nghe tiếng pháo nổ, và xem lễ dâng hương. Xin hẹn gặp quý vị trên đây vào ngày Chủ Nhật, 21 tháng 2 lúc 06-09 giờ nhé.
    2021 New Year ( Year of the Ox)
    As the New Year begins and the old one ends, we love to celebrate with our family and friends!
    This past year has been a great feat to us as a community, however as we welcome the New Year, VACAT would like to continue our cultural tradition and invite everyone to our virtual Tet Festival this year, The Year of the Ox, on Sunday evening February 21,2021 @6pm - 9pm.
    The event will be completely virtual this year due to COVID-19, and it will consist of public submissions of Cultural Performances, Traditional Fashion Show, and Vietnamese Cuisine footage and materials submitted by people in our community. We ask for the participation of our supportive community to contribute their own footage and material showcasing their values, traditions, and decorations for Tet. If you are interested in participating, any photo and video submissions will be due by Sunday February 14, 2021 by 11:59pm. To submit, tag us on Facebook at https://facebook.com/vacatorg or send a text message to Program Coordinator at 512-905-9734
    Video and Photo Submissions with the below topics.
    •Vietnamese Tet attire
    Traditional Tet cuisine and family recipes
    •Tet decoration
    •Family tradition
    •Musical and cultural performances
    We will also be hosting our own virtual Lion Dance performance, firecracker show, and as well as Ancestral Ceremony. We hope that you can join us on Sunday evening February 21,2021 @6pm - 9pm.


      Dự án giúp đỡ những người vô gia cư 2020!
      VACAT xin chân thành cảm ơn Cộng Đồng đã đóng góp để hỗ trợ hội Foundation for the Homeless.
      Foundation for the Homeless là hội chuyên giúp những gia đình không nhà cửa cơ hội, niềm tin, và sự giúp đỡ để họ có thể vượt qua sự khốn khó. Đặc biệt cám ơn Amerigroup, an Anthem Company, đã giúp đỡ và cung cấp ngân quỹ lớn nhất. Với sự ủng hộ của quý vị, chúng tôi đã gây quỹ được hơn $2,500 để mua những vật dụng cần thiết cho hội Thiện Nguyện Foundation for the Homeless. Những vật dụng như là kem đánh răng, đồ vệ sinh, khăn, mền, v.v.. Những vật dụng này sẽ đưa đến cho Hội để phân phát vào tháng 12 này.
      Help the Homeless Project 2020!

      VACAT is excited to support the Austin community by donating much-needed items to Foundation for the Homeless.

      Foundation for the Homeless is a local non-profit organization that "provides homeless families hope, opportunity, and solutions while also promoting the dignity of individuals who suffer homelessness." Thank you to all of our donors that contributed funds in October, and specifically thank you to Amerigroup, for their generous donation. With the community's support, we raised over $2,500 to purchase various supplies for Foundation for the Homeless. The items, including toiletries, cleaning supplies, bedding, towels and other necessities, will be delivered to Foundation for the Homeless this December for distribution.


        Where to go for EARLY VOTING!!  Click link below for each county.
        Here are maps of early voting locations in Williamson, Hays and Travis County to help you plan ahead - though they are subject to change. One of the new locations is the Chinatown Center.
        Early voting dates: Tuesday, 10/13 through Friday, 10/30.
        Williamson County locations: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/3/viewer...




          In response to many questions about business filing with Secretary of State from our community, VACAT will have a webinar about this topic on Tuesday 9/22/20, from 6-7pm.


          Join us during our webinar to discuss Business Filings with SOS and Helpful Tips with an attorney from the Texas Secretary of State. The discussion will include an introduction to forming businesses and other filings with the Texas Secretary of State. We will also discuss other helpful tips and questions about assumed names, how to find helpful answers on the SOS website and other topics. If you have any general questions that you want answered, please put the question in the comments before 9/22. Please note that we are discussing general filing procedures and we will not provide any legal advice during the live webinar.


            CENSUS IS HERE Thống Kê Dân Số năm 2020

            Điền Thống Kê Dân Số Hôm Nay

            Giúp Phần Đinh Hướng Tương Lai Cho 10 Năm Tới

            Rất mong quý vị điền phiếu Dân Số, có như vậy mình mới lấy tiền trợ cấp nhiều cho tiểu bang. Từ đó, tiểu bang chi cho thành phố, thành phố lại chi cho cộng đồng chúng ta. Tiền mình đóng thuế, mình phải lấy về cho thành phố mở rộng trường học, đường xá cho mình hưởng thụ. Người già và trẻ em được hưởng nhiều nhất. Cộng Đồng cũng được hưởng lây vì có tiếng nói mạnh hơn nếu đại diện cho nhiều người Việt.
            Chúng ta có thể điền online khi nhận được 12 con số họ gởi về nhà sử dụng trang web dưới đây. Hoặc chúng ta có có thể trực tiếp kiếm số đó trên trang web này. TẤT CẢ MỌI NGỪỜI ĐỀU ĐƯỢC GHI, GIÀ, TRẺ, DU HỌC SINH, CÓ HAY KHÔNG CÓ GIẤÝ TỜ CÔNG DÂN MỸ, TRONG TÙ, TRẠI GIAM, NGƯỜI KHÔNG CÓ NHÀ CỬA, CON NÍT SẮP SINH VÀO NGÀY 1 THÁNG 04, V.V.


            Xin vui lòng phân phát và truyền bá tin này cho những người thân quen, bạn bè.


            Trang web để điền đơn: https://my2020census.gov/

            Số điện thoại có tiếng Việt: 844-461-2020



            Xin Mọi Người Chú Ý phải vào trang nhà trên để điền.  Cénsus không bao giờ hỏi những phần sau đây:

            • Số an sinh xã hội
            • Số nhà bank hay thẻ tín dụng
            • Không hỏi gì về chính trị hay cho người làm chính trị.
            • Tiền hay xin trợ giúp tiền


            Census Bureau will never ask for:
            • Your Social Security number.
            • Your bank account or credit card numbers.
            • Anything on behalf of a political party.
            • Money or donations.

              Lợi Ích Cho Ai?

              • Hàng tỷ đô la trong ngân quỹ liên bang được chi cho các bệnh viện, sở cứu hỏa, trường học, đường sá và những nguồn lực khác dựa trên dữ liệu thống kê dân số.
              • Trợ giúp xã hội cho người già và trẻ em chiếm gần hơn phân nữa.
              • Cộng đồng dựa trên dân sô để đại diện, phát biểu, và quyên góp nguồn trợ giúp cho người dân địa phương.



              Ngày cần lưu ý

              • Ngày 12-20 tháng 3
                • Nhận được thư từ Census Bureau chỉ cách ghi danh
              • Tháng 4
                • Người làm của hội sẽ gõ cửa từng cơ sở và trụ sở
              • Tháng 5-tháng 6
                • Nếu chúng ta chưa ghi danh thì người làm của hội sẽ gõ cửa từng nhà




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