Be a part of our 22nd Annual Vietnamese New Year (Tet) Celebration Event by becoming a TFA20 or VACAT 2020 Sponsor.   


Asian market/demographic is growing fast and the general interest in Asian culture by non-­Asian is also growing.  TFA20 represents unique opportunities to reach the Vietnamese and Asian American communities, as well as the non­-Asian communities in the Greater Austin metropolitan.  For more information, click above links to learn more about these opportunities.


We are grateful for each prospective sponsor's passion for our mission.   Your sponsorship provides financial support to the Vietnamese American Community of Austin Texas (VACAT) in our efforts to host the most important Vietnamese cultural festival in Austin and also enable us to continue our mission to support our community.  On average, our festival attracts more than 2,500 people each year.  We sincerely hope that you take this opportunity to be part of VACAT sponsorship 2020 as a means to network and market your business, while also increasing your business' presence in the Vietnamese/Asian communities, as well as the non­-Asian communities in the Greater Austin metropolitan.   All monetary sponsorships are tax-deductible and will be used to support various VACAT's programs through out the year.


We invite you to review the VACAT 2020 Sponsorship package, which includes different  opportunities to tailor your participation to meet your marketing goals.  Your time and consideration is extremely valuable to us. 

Thank you for your support!

Luu Auto Repair - Body Shop
Mr. Lưu Đăng - Chủ tiệm Lưu Auto Repair & Body Shop - Nhà Bảo Trợ cho chuong trình trình diền Thời Trang Áo Dài ($500)
Mr. Lưu, Đăng- Owner of the Lưu Auto Repair & Body Shop - Bronze Sponsor($500)- 5 prizes for Áo Dài Fashion Show


TC Noodle
Mr. Trần Thái Châu - Chủ Nhà Hàng TC Noodle- Nhà Bảo Trợ cho 2 Đoàn Lân; ($500)- $250 each team
Mr. Trần, Thái Châu - Owner of TC Noodle Restaurant- Bronze Sponsor($500) for the 2 Dragon Dance teams; $250 each team


Vina Pharmacy
Mrs. Huỳnh Debbie- Chủ tiệm Thuốc Vina - Nhà Bảo Trợ cho tiền lì xì trẻ em ($500)
Mrs. Debbie, Huỳnh - Owner of Vina Pharmacy- Bronze Sponsor($500) for children's li xi money


Elegant Nails
Mr. Nick Trương- Chủ tiệm Elegant Nail - Nhà Bảo Trợ cho tiền lì xì cho các đoàn múa Thiếu Nhi ($600)
Mr. Nick Trương- Owner of Elegant Nail -  Bronze Sponsor($600) for children performance teams; ($600)


Duy Vietnamese Restaurant
Mr. Duy Phan - Chủ tiệm Duy Vietnamese Restaurant - Nhà Bảo Trợ lo đồ ăn cho các thiện nguyện viên.
Mr. Duy Phan - owner of  Duy Vietnamese Restaurant - Provide food for volunteers.


Austin Rainbow Bouquet
Mrs. Chau Tran - Chủ tiệm hoa Austin Rainbow Bouquet - Nhà Bảo Trợ hoa cho Ao Dai Fashion Show
Mrs. Chau Tran - owner of  Austin Rainbow Bouquet - Provide fresh flower for Ao Dai Fashion Show.


Pacific Rims
Mr. Benny Leung - Chủ tiệm Pacific Rims - Nhà Bảo Trợ cho BTC (VACAT) mượn phòng họp mổi tuần để chuẩn bị cho Hội Chợ Tết.
Mr. Benny Leung - Owner of Pacific Rims Restaurant - provide facility use for VACAT’s meetings.


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